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Incentive driven alternative commuter program give mid and large size companies green solutions for parking, traffic congestion and pollution reduction


RideSpring managed alternative commuter incentive programs provide easy to implement business solutions for worker commute issues

San Jose, Ca, April 17, 2007 — RideSpring, a leading innovator and provider of managed alternative commuter incentive programs, today announced the completion of its website upgrade. In time for Earth Day focused activities, now provides human resource managers, facility managers and interested employees with the opportunity to test-drive its on-line alternative commuter programs.

Founded in 2005 and based in Santa Cruz, Ca. RideSpring is enabling mid and large size companies throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay area to help solve traffic congestion, pollution and parking problems through its innovative, alternative commuter service.

“Our unique Alternative Commuter Incentive Programs, (ACIPs) are designed to address a number of worker and facility issues that large companies face today,” said Paul McGrath, president and founder of RideSpring. “As concerns continue to grow over global warming caused by traffic pollution and the desire to be better community stewards increases, companies are turning to RideSpring as a way to establish or underscore their commitment to improving over-all employee conditions as well as sustainable alternative corporate commute practices. Our managed ACIPs provide businesses with easy to implement commuter solutions that generate positive, enthusiastic responses throughout all levels of personnel and they foster better community relations.”

The Texas Transportation Institute, 2005 Urban Mobility Report stated that: rush hour traffic delays now cover 7+ hours a day, on average drivers encounter 37% longer traffic delays and the delays cover a 67% wider area of their drive range than was tracked in 1982. A recent San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission study reported that 67% of Bay area commuters drive alone.

“It is clear from an environmental as well as social perspective that something must be done immediately about traffic congestion and its resultant pollution in and around our cities,” McGrath continued.

RideSpring Managed Commuter Incentive Programs

“Most of the week day traffic we see is attributable to worker commute and large companies are a logical first stage partner in setting up sustainable alternatives to single driver commuting.”

The benefits of implementing a RideSpring CIP are dramatic and easy to document. The City of Santa Cruz selected RideSpring to host its ride share and worker commute plan. With-in the first year, 25% of all city employees had signed on for the ACIP. McGrath was able to calculate that this participation was responsible for reducing city worker trips by 15,000 and cutting the corresponding pollution emissions by some 47,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

In the past, the main challenge for potential carpoolers was finding suitable rideshare partners. RideSpring CIP’s feature a secure on-line registry making it simple and safe to leverage true corporate-wide ride matching to connect co-workers based on work schedules as well as locations.

Unlike traditional rideshare and car pool programs, RideSpring ACIPs track and reward all workers participating in the company alternative commute program regardless of their transportation preference. Bicyclists, transit commuters, vanpoolers and those who walk to work are able to accumulate alternative commuting points and are eligible for prize rewards each month along with their carpooling colleagues. The more workers utilize commuting alternatives, the greater their chances of winning gift cards to big name stores including REI, the Apple Store, as well as to local businesses such as restaurants, bicycle shops or “green” product retailers. Prizewinners are announced monthly in emails and on their RideSpring ACIP website, giving employees positive motivation to improve their commute choices, there-by reducing traffic congestion, air pollution and global warming emissions.

About RideSpring

RideSpring provides companies and other organizations with an outsourced and easy-to-implement, cost-effective commute solution. RideSpring makes alternative commuting easier and more rewarding at client companies by facilitating co-worker to co-worker ride-matching, as well as promoting activity in all alternative commute modes at the worksite. In addition, the RideSpring commute statistics engine compiles on-going trip reduction savings (including CO2 emission reduction) that enable client companies to clearly see the effectiveness of all elements of their commute programs at any time. On the Web at