Complete commute program for your organization

"RideSpring has become a key component of SAP’s sustainability initiative in Palo Alto. As well as providing ongoing measurable results of CO2 emission reduction and other commute savings, RideSpring has proved to be a very useful and popular employee benefit. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the program is that it positively engages our employees to take an active role in improving their commute, as well as doing the right thing for our community and environment."

Tracy Prentiss, VP Business Development, SAP
June 2009

With RideSpring at your company you can achieve:

  • Flexible and easy carpool matching for coworkers
  • High employee participation in all commute alternatives: bike, carpool, transit, walk...
  • Low commute program costs
  • Low administrative burden
  • Measurable results, including CO2 reduction

RideSpring provides an out-of-the-box cloud-based commute solution that makes it easy to find carpool partners at work. In addition, the RideSpring commute platform promotes, measures and rewards participation in all alternative commute modes (biking, carpooling, transit, walking to work) at your organization. RideSpring clients achieve high participation, while dramatically reducing commute program costs by 90% or more.

The proven RideSpring program ensures a highly effective commute solution every time. Our clients appreciate that RideSpring is easy to implement and manage, requiring no IT infrastructure changes or support.

Whether driven by a need to reduce parking demand, improve the commute for their employees with a useful and popular benefit, or to satisfy corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives with measurable results, our clients have found RideSpring to be a valuable partner in achieving commute program goals.

Please contact us to find out more about how RideSpring can improve the daily commute for you and your employees.


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